Hi, I’m Susan

Certifed Breathworker and
NeurOptimal® Brain Trainer

For decades, I struggled to live a fulfilling, purposeful life. Coming from an unstable and often violent past, I knew there were patterns of behaviour and habitual reactions archived within me that needed to be released, but despite trying all the latest modalities in inner healing, counselling, quantum, and energy healing, and even diverse trauma therapies, my progress was slow and my hope continually deferred. I finally accepted that my life would be this way until the end when I’d enter into rest. That’s when my life finally began.

Using Conscious Connected Breathwork, specifically, was exponentially transformative in a relatively short amount of time. My longing for a joyful, satisfying life was finally fulfilled; it was like a tree of life to me. NeurOptimal brain training superbly supported my transformation and, today, both tools continue to enhance and enrich my enjoyment of living and I feel grateful to be called to share this life-giving fruit with others.

Breathwork in conjunction with  NeurOptimal® is a highly effective system to support you as you begin to live your life more fully and vibrantly.